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Trade Partners is one of the longest established Internet Technology companies in the UK.
We began life in pioneering mode as the initiator of the use of the Internet for International Trade Support. We built the very first U.K. government web sites in support of International trade, primarily between the UK, Australia and New Zealand, deployed the latest technology for audio, video and 3 D virtual reality on these web site, scoring a number of industry "firsts" in the process
With a contribution to the national good like this it is no accident that the current U.K. government overseas trade initiative is called "Trade Partners UK".
We moved on to focus industry sectors that demanded a high degree of intelligence and interactivity over the Web, our primary aim has been to build and operate systems that deliver real value to the client and are an integral component of our customers business activity.
We have not built "add on " static sites, but we have built sites and Internet technology based systems that are updated in real time, deliver advanced functionality to the end customer and real financial benefits to our customers. We design, build and operate every aspect of our systems in house and enter into long term relationships with all of our customers. Our portfolio of clients spans several market sectors, but there is a heavy emphasis on the property, building and home buying market sectors, where we are the technology partners of many of the ground breaking and most advanced companies.
Increasingly our role has extended beyond designing and operating Internet technology solutions to business problems to operating the entire back office process as well on behalf of our clients.
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